Interactive Leaflet Map

In the Spring of 2016, I had an opportunity to work for Mercy Corps, a global humantitarian organization. One of the projects I worked on was to build a map for visualizing refugee data. An altered version of the original deliverable is below. Due to the sensitivty of the data, I cannot show actual data, however, I have replaced any sensitive info with randomized results. I also changed the locations from their originals to inside Greece.

The map above is interactive. In the top right, you can select the data field to visualize. The dots on the map are representative of the populations in those areas of the map (remember, not real data, just randomized numbers in this demo). The graphs on the left show additional breakouts of the data. Clicking on a dot updates the charts on the left to reflect the population for that region.

This was built using leaflet.js and Chart.js. I used D3.js for aggregating data, and in place of a front-end framework, I simply used jQuery.